The Precision Biosystems Laboratory is focused on fundamental engineering advancements, the development of miniaturized, high-throughput robotic instrumentation, and the application of the two to advance biomolecular science. Our research program is in the emerging bio-nano field—at the intersection of bioMEMS, machine design, neuroengineering, genetics, optics, and manufacturing. In the past five years, the instruments developed in the laboratory have led to the genesis of a new field of intracellular, in vivo robotics for neuroscience, a virus detector that has 10 to 100 times throughput improvement over pre-existing technologies, a device for personalizing drug dosage to prevent heart attacks, and a high throughput genome engineering technique. Fundamental advancements have been made in micro-fabrication, modeling flow of photons and fluids, and neuron identification within the living brain. These instruments, and the discoveries they enable, are unlocking new frontiers in neuroscience and genetic science.