Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio Featured on TechCrunch

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“When you give Dr. Craig Forest an inch, he takes a mile. The mild-mannered Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Georgia Tech helped set up the Invention Studio on the first floor of a nondescript engineering building at the heart of the university‚Äôs verdant campus. Founded in 2009, the 3,000 square-foot space grew and grew, eventually taking over the entire lobby and multiple workshops. The Studio, which features 3D printers, laser cutters, injection molding machines, and literally everything else a maker could want, is now a powerhouse and sponsors line up to donate cash to the free, 24-hour hacker space…” [Read More]

PBL Principal Investigator, Craig Forest, was recently featured on TechCrunch as the founder of the Georgia Tech Invention Studio, a maker/hacker space owned, maintained, and operated by Georgia Tech undergraduates. Learn more about the world’s most heavily used undergraduate machine shop over at TechCrunch!

Learn more about the Invention Studio here.


Jellopatching: Culinary Frontiers in Autopatching

In order to minimize the size and cost of our in-vivo automated patch clamping rig, we are testing new motors, pipettes, and pipette holders. To demonstrate that the motors can apply enough axial force to advance pipettes in the in-vivo preparations, a quick in-jello test was performed (sugarfree, of course). Check out the videos below!

Jellopatching – Top [link]

Jellopatching – Side [link]

Clearly, the new motors are able to easily advance the pipettes in a material with similar elastic modulus as our final application. Check back for more updates!


PBL Dominates Pi Mile Run

At the 41st annual Pi Mile Run, there was one lab that stood out from the crowd: The PBL. With its screaming fast lineup of scholar atheletes, the Precision Biosystems Lab has been crowned the fastest laboratory in the Georgia Tech area.

The members of the lab have agreed to re-check all of their experiments for evidence of red-shift and will report edits to the proper journals.


Congratulations Doctor Melissa Li!

Congratulations to the newest PhD from the PBL, Doctor Melissa Li!

In keeping with the long-standing PBL tradition, her colleagues decorated a celebratory graduation wagon with a working mock-up of her microfluidic device (to-scale) and she was escorted on a victory lap around the bioengineering quad to the cheers of hundreds of onlookers.


April News:

Congratulations to PBL graduate students Caitlin Henegar and William Stoy for winning the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship!

Congratulations also to PBL’s undergraduate students Nikita Nagpal and Marie Harber for winning the President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA) from Georgia Tech for their research efforts!