ME 4182 Capstone Design


The Capstone Design Course (ME 4182) is the final class for the Mechanical Engineering degree at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  In the Capstone Design course, student teams systematically design, build, and report solutions for a variety of problems from industrial sponsors or their own imagination, culminating in the end-of-semester Capstone Design Expo.

Inventure Prize


The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech is a faculty-led innovation competition for undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. Students can work independently or in teams to develop and present inventions which will be judged by experts. The competitors will introduce their inventions in one or more preliminary rounds from which approximately 10 finalists will be selected to advance to a Final Round, which is hosted by David Pogue and shown live by Georgia Public Broadcasting. In this round, two winning inventions, either individuals or teams, will be selected and will receive:

  • A cash prize of $15,000 for first place or $10,000 for second place.
  • A free US patent filing by Georgia Tech’s Office of Technology Licensing (each valued at approximately $20,000) for both the first and second place winners.
  • A People’s Choice Award of $5,000 selected by text voting during the event.
  • The Winner(s) of the InVenture Prize will automatically be accepted to the Summer ’12 Class of Flashpoint, a Georgia Tech startup accelerator program.

Idea to Prototype (I2P) Program

The Idea to Prototype (I2P) program, part of the CREATE-X initiative, offers undergraduate research course credit and financial support for student teams to advance their ideas for a potential value creating product by performing basic research, analysis, building, and testing–leading to a proof of concept prototype. Analogous to undergraduate research: students dive deep into a problem for 1-2 semesters with a mentor, enrolled in the research course (2699/4699) for credit and grade. Check out I2P Here: http://i2p.gatech.edu/


The Invention Studio

is a 2500ft2, $500K design/build/play space for any Georgia Tech faculty, students, or staff to use for free to building working prototypes of inventions

Applied optics ME/BME 6745




Foundational course for design of optical systems. Begins with theoretical introduction of optical science (both geometrical and wave optics). Ends with mechanical and biological applications. This course is intended to provide GT students with a curricula in optics because of its importance for mechanical engineering applications such as profilometry, interferometry, encoders, lithography and biomedical applications such as imaging, microscopy and fluorescence. The students will get a fundamental introduction to optics and apply it to optical systems that they can augment by taking other courses from EE and BME. [syllabus]